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Attorney Luis Victoria is also Colombian Lawyer in Good Standing


Mr. Victoria is an American Lawyer licensed by the Florida Bar Association and a Colombian Lawyer in Good Standing, he has a specialization in Administrative Law and is a proud citizen of the United States. Attorney Luis Victoria obtained his Juris Doctor (e.g., lawyer degree) in the recognized Law School of the University of St. Thomas (Miami, FL, USA), and also obtained his Juris Doctor in the University of San Buenaventura (Cali, Colombia) which has one of the best reputations among the law faculties in Latin America. Mr. Victoria also specializes in Administrative Law from the prestigious Pontifical Bolivarian University of Medellin Colombia.


The lawyer Luis Victoria has experience under Colombian law, in contracts, business, and administrative law. Mr. Victoria is unique in the city of Miami since he is not only a lawyer licensed to practice law in the United States but also licensed as a Colombian lawyer. On the one hand, Mr. Luis Victoria offers to the Colombian community resident in the United States to carry out their legal procedures related to Colombian law even without many times having to travel to Colombia, Mr. Victoria has a team of Colombian lawyers who handle the procedures. However, if necessary, Mr. Victoria can travel immediately to Colombia to handle a client’s case personally. On the other hand, the advantage of the office of the lawyer Luis Victoria of having offices in Miami, FL and in Colombia, allows Colombians residing in Colombia to carry out their legal procedures related to American law (e.g., cases related to Federal law, or to Florida law) without the need to travel to the United States. Some of the most common procedures offered by the office of attorney Luis Victoria are: procedures for buying housing either in Colombia or in the United States, investor visas (E1, E2, EB1, EB5, etc.), student visas, divorces, contracts under Colombian law or based on the Florida Law. For more information, please contact our offices to obtain an appointment and suitable information on our international services, especially with the Colombian country.

About Notario Fraud

 The American Bar Association (“ABA”) which “promotes the best quality legal education, promote competence, ethical conduct and professionalism, and promote pro bono and public service by the legal profession,” is educating people to prevent them to be victims of misrepresentation by the known “notaries.” ABA stated that: “Individuals who represent themselves as qualified to offer legal advice or services concerning immigration or other matters of law, who have no such qualification, routinely victimize members of immigration communities. Such representations can include false statements that: The individual is an attorney, or abogado; the individual is authorized to represent immigrants before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (“USCIS”), or before immigration courts; the individual is qualified to assist in preparing a will, corporate document or other legal paperwork; the individual is a legal assistant; the individual has a court license; or the individual is a notario publico. See available at


Why Choose the Law Office of Luis Victoria


The lawyer Luis Victoria is characterized by being a disciplined and persevering person. Without a doubt he will spare no effort to devote himself to your case.


The Law Office of Luis Victoria, P.A. has the characteristic of being responsive. The lawyer will answer your questions in the shortest possible time.

Knowledge and Commitment

Attorney Luis Victoria understands very well the client’s immigration issues because Mr. Victoria is an immigrant and knows perfectly how to succeed within the American system. Mr. Victoria is Colombian lawyer and U.S. attorney. Once he moved to the United States, he started obtaining a deeply knowledge of the U.S. system. He also knows that to adhere to ethical rules and professional conduct is the most important element to succeed in the attorney-client relationship.


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